Numachine is a full service CNC machining company, capable of handing the largest castings to the smallest components, whose sole focus is on reducing machining costs through the application of cutting edge technology and years of pratical experience. With huge investment in processes, training and the latest equipment Numachine is ideally placed to deliver on this objecctive.

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Numachine is a market leader in using the latest CNC technology, best practice and 24/7 operation to offer the most cost effective CNC machining service available. We achieve this by combining pioneering technologies with our team’s wealth of experience to provide clients with original solutions to all CNC machining requirements. All materials, castings, extrusions and pressings are comfortably accomodated. Contact us for more details about our advanced manufacturing solutions and CNC machining services.


Numachine believes that the secret to lower costs, better quality and more reliable production is ensuring that all component are designed to be CNC machine friendly. Design for Machining is a Numachine service that allows any component, casting or extrusion to be optimised for lower costs by avoiding complications, complexities and any number of other nuances that make machining unnecessarily challenging. Design for Machining will reduce the cost of any component.


A comprehensive knowledge of CNC tools is critical to low cost machining. We typically use indexable, modular carbide tips mounted in balanced, shrink fit holders, but complement this with our own tool design service allowing us to bespoke tooling when required. Cost effective holding is complex as it requires multi dimensional planning whilst considering all tooling, machine and programming options. The process is critical to the costing equation as an inability to access just one area can easily double cycle times. Numachine’s in-house fixturing designers and 3D fixturing printer are critical to this need for rapid, efficient holding solutions.


Visual DfM is integral to our offering, as we believe that looking great is symptomatic of attention to detail, which should permeate every aspect of what we do. Every component that leaves the factory is hand finished, and individually packaged, immediately post machining to ensure finishes are perfect. This philosphy that looks are more than superficial underlines our preference for managing most post machining processes ourselves, and is why we have brought many solutions in house. Speed and cost are important but, sometimes, so are looks.


Numachine operates from its HQ in Hereford and an operational centre in Coventry.