Numachine has one focus. Reducing costs by fully applying the disciplines of Value Engineering to every aspect of the CNC machining process. The savings of this multi-disciplinary approach can be breathtaking and justify the claim that we have moved well beyond the simple machining of components.

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The skill sets that we consider crucial to delivering our central goal of lower costs are constantly evolving. This has led us to develop unique centres of excellence which give us a real competitive advantage and a genuinely superior CNC machining offering.

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Numachine has invested over £2m since 2021 in everything from 7 Axis milling, turning and mill-turn centres to the latest in 3D printing, metrology, finishing and fixturing options. This range of equipment, combined with the experience and skill set of our seasoned team, gives us the ability to improve any machining solution, lowering clients’ costs, and to turn components around in as little as 24 hours.

We predominantly serve the automotive, medical and aerospace OEMs, where the highest quality standards are enforced, but we have experience of most other areas where the precision demanded is not about being in tolerance but on zero.

We look for solutions, every day in every way. Every member of the team is constantly evaluated on the degree to which they improve the machining of their components. All improvements, however minor, are always welcomed and the savings passed onto the customer. Usually!


Our engineers are fully trained to discuss the specifics and generalities of any CNC requirement, however esoteric, across a wide range of industries. This understanding is key to delivering better CNC machining solutions.

Using 3D modelling allows us to specialise in finding ingenious ways to reduce machining times and associated costs by pushing at the boundaries of the technically possible.

This process involves determining or designing the correct tools, programming methods and machining techniques which optimise performance and minimise costs. Numachine’s unique development process is equal parts art and science, one complementing the other.

OTIF is a critical part of what we do. Everything from prototypes to production components need to be delivered where they’re needed, precisely when they’re promised, in order to achieve the consistent delivery results we have displayed over our decades of operation.


Numachine operates from its HQ in Hereford and an operational centre in Coventry.