Numachine is a market leader in using the latest CNC technology, best practice and 24/7 operation to offer the most cost effective CNC machining service available. We achieve this by combining pioneering technologies with our team’s wealth of experience to provide clients with original solutions to all CNC machining requirements. All materials, castings, extrusions and pressings are comfortably accomodated.

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Numachine has an equipment range to accommodate any milling requirement thanks to our 15 milling machines, which range from seven axis, with a 3 m bed, through to several four axis high speed horizontal twin pallet and numerous five axis machines.

All of these machines are equipped with live tooling and probing, which maximises the flexibility and speed of their operation, whilst a connection to Cimco and Featurecam software allows off-line programming, off-line tool setting, real time OEE analysis and immediate access to all drawings and models. Industry 4.0 disciplines were introduced in 2021 to further streamline and optimise our milling processes.


10 horizontal High Speed mill-turn and 2 lathes capable of handling diameters of 1 mm to 600mm allow Numachine to cover most clients’ demands with ease for both rapid turnaround protoypes and production components.

Using the latest intelligent tooling, pre-indexed for seamless changeovers, any manner of complex external and internal geometry, including all kinds of threads, can be accommodated with ease. Ours is a state of the art facility, with the implementation of Industry 4.0 disciplines including full off-line and on-line real time communication.


Numachine started operation by machining components for instrumentation and laboratory equipment where the level of accuracy required was part zero, with no exception. To achieve this goal in cost effective way meant every variable had to considered and factored into the machining equation.

This precision philosphy follows us today by underpinning our belief that the correct application of superior technology and technical understanding is the best way to achieve a lower cost solution. Being better is better. This unique Design for Machining service now finds itself actively reducing costs for machining everything from planes and trains to breweries and roulette wheels.

We are confident we can find a better solution for every component.


Numachine has always undertaken prototyping as part of its service, but only recently has this undertaking evolved into a specialist business sector. Prototyping requires a focused, right first-time mindset. It demands adaptability, imagination and organisation complemented by the instant availability of CNC machines, tools and fixturing to deliver the required speed of response without compromising accuracy.

We complement a wide range of CNC machines and 24/7 working with a multi-skilled workforce, a huge range of standard and bespoke tools, a programming team, in-house post operations and more esoteric skills such as 3D printing for rapid fixturing and holding options.


A totally different attitude and knowledge base is needed to properly CNC machine cast or extruded components cost effectively. We understand these differences on a foundational level and are well versed in the differing metrology, fixturing and tooling options required to overcome variables such as heat distortion, curves, flash and component flex.

Numachine is renowned for achieving low-cost machining of castings. We do this by reducing cycle times through the use of innovative 3D printed, hydraulic and pneumatic fixturing, cutting edge tool selection and tight machining programming. Once again, design is critical to ensuring the provision of lower costs and repeatability. The huge number of variables inherent in any casting makes the employment of seriously experienced operators like Numachine absolutely essential.


Numachine operates from its HQ in Hereford and an operational centre in Coventry.