High quality CNC machining is all about precision; it is not about being within tolerances, it is about being on zero, every time. The key to achieving repeatable high quality machining is simplicity, and that only comes from a fundamental understanding of every aspect of the CNC machining process. The ability to combine the correct machine, intelligent programming, appropriate tooling and smart fixturing into a harmonious whole is rare; it takes time, training, equipment and a preparedness to learn.

Numachine achieve higher quality machining because they focus on making every step as simple as it can be, which takes out risk by minimising the variability inherent in the process. And it’s a process that never ceases.



Numachine’s quality system starts as soon as a part file or model is received, and runs through the entire manufacturing, delivery and stocking process.

Our QMS is designed to continually meet the requirements of the latest iterations of the international quality standards for machining components for automobiles, aviation and defence: ISO 9001:2015. As quality is best achieved when ingrained into the DNA of an organisation, these standards all emphasize the importance of the entire management structure in developing and maintaining quality standards. It’s about well-organised operations and, just as importantly, it’s about performance evaluation and the constant desire for improvement being created by a forward-facing leadership.

The systems ensure all production processes are managed efficiently, from certified receipt of materials through to on-time delivery of parts supported by inspection documentation tailored to the customer’s needs.


Numachine has invested heavily in new CNC equipment since 2021 but, just as importantly, has also invested in its operational processes and the latest metrological equipment. With live spindle and tool probing now on all machines, the most complex geometry can be accurately machined, resulting in absolute precision being standard.

With our online computer integrated machining and Industry 4.0 software we’ve network all our CNC machines, through DNC, simplying the collection and analysis of performance data whilst giving all operators immediate access to the latest component files, models and quality standards.

We’ve installed an Aberlink Zenith 3 CMM linked to our CAD / CAM alongside a portable FARO 1.5m 3D laser scanner and a Tesa viewer and shadow machine. We also use a GNR Spectrograph to verify metal certificates, and for castings, use a Bosello X Ray machine, a tensile strength testing Shimadzu Ag-xr 100k machine as well as an Altera 20.15.10 2mx 1.5mx 800m CMM.


Precision engineering is not about tolerances it is about true zero. With the latest CNC machines there is no excuse for relying on customs that arose because of the inherent innaccuracies of older machines. Numachine prefers to use Geometric Dimensioning and Positioning (GDP) as opposed to traditonal +/- values as this allows circular tolerance zones utilising true position to be targetted nore easily.

A Datum is a plane, axis, or point location that GDP references, which allows multiple locations to be identified by each datum. Datums are a better way to specify the geometric controls that are needed on a component. Good datum understanding is a prerequisite for precision machining castings correctly.


We have over 25 staff, with 18 machinists, all of whom are trained to programme, set and operate. All are capable of undertaking in-cycle CMM checks and preparing documentation for the PPAP process. This multi-skilled approach gives us huge flexibility in scheduling work and an ability to react quickly to a wide spectrum of varying customer demands. We have two dedicated programmers/designers using multiple software packages that are available to help continually refine programming with a view to reducing costs.


A physical and digital job card is opened for every enquiry which forms the basis of a process flow, process FMEA and control plan. The job cards are populated with work instructions, care points and lessons learnt, as well as metal certifications details, CMM standards and any Kanban or other delivery and packaging details. Documentation for NPI, PPAP, ISIRs etc is therefore integrated into the process and is undertaken on a continual basis.

Numachine monitors manufacturing performance and the quality system in real time through an Industry 4.0 data collection software, which networks all machines, storage and accounts for real time data collection. Our work station terminals are capable of accessing the latest documentation and developments. This system allows machine operators to access drawings, models, job cards, quality cards and the most recent updates with typical issues and ideal component production highlighted. Great communication ensures better quality and more cost-effective production every time.


Numachine operates from its HQ in Hereford and an operational centre in Coventry.